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  • New Report on Internet Access in Central and Eastern Europe. "Bridging the Digital Divide: Internet Access in Central & Eastern Europe" has been released in updated and expanded version. The report, while offering a snapshot of the state of the Net in a single region, addresses one of the most fundamental Internet policy issues worldwide -- the challenge of affordable access -- and includes a discussion of the universal service principle and policies that promote wider Internet access.

  • Freedom of Information White Paper Released in United Kingdom. The UK government released a freedom of information white paper on December 11. The paper envisions a broad access to government records and the creation of an information commissioner to enforce the act. Intelligence records and many police records would be exempted. Press release from the the Campaign for Freedom of Information . CFOI paper on the act.

  • Freedom of Information bill introduced in South Africa. The Open Democracy Bill bill was published in the Government Gazette on October 18.

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