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The Chinese Government's new rules for the use of the Internet in China went into effect on December 30, 1997. The new rules prohibit using the Internet to defame government agencies, to promote separatist movements or to divulge state secrets. Sites such as the New York Times and dissident pages are being blocked. The Goverment of Hong Kong has said that they will not be affected by the new rules.

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The Internet Society of Thailand drafted a bill that would place serious restrictions on free speech on the Internet in Thailand. The bill would ban materials such as " Immoral information or information which is against the culture and norms of the nation," " Information that is against the peacefulness of society that leads to the disunity of the nation or leads to the ruin of international relationships" and other broad areas. Following public criticism, the bill has been modified but many troubling provisions remain.

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4th Draft of Bill. [TH only]