A selection of material from the pages of Green Anarchist. It was articles such as these that offended the judge - the 'Diary' listings were cited in evidence against the editors in court.


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Extracts from Green Anarchist number 49:


We don't want Justice, we want Revolution!

CONSPIRACY: People who have never met, people who attended the same rally but never spoke, someone who received a 9 second phone call, who bought an ALF T shirt, people who never knew of each others' existence are all linked. It is not what you said in that innocent letter, but the fact that you wrote it at all. The whole concept of conspiracy depends upon guilt by association. Welcome to the police state suckers!

INCITEMENT: GA is not responsible for the fact that people take @ction. Animal abuse itself is the reason ALF actions take place. When we report on road protests, our reports are not the cause, the destruction of the countryside by roadbuilders is. Nothing we say forces people into activity. No-one is compelled to buy Green Anarchist. 'Anarchism is about thinking for yourselves' as it said on the GA blurb.

THIS AFFECTS YOU: It is inevitable that techniques and legal shit used in 'Operation Washington Phase 2' will be used against other radical publications or groups. Eventually, if that carries on, all the radical media channels will be rolled up. If you have any interest in freedom, you'd better start protesting against this now! Today Green Anarchist, tomorrow it could be you...

THE ONLY CURE FOR THE STATE: The whole point of the Gandalf prosecution is to intimidate the movement into inactivity. Protesters who do nothing are no threat to the system. So it is important that we refuse to be frightened. They want to silence alternative news so that the only way you can find things out is through their state-controlled media, if at all. The answer here is to carry on reporting the facts. The truth is no offence! In the end it doesn't matter what happens to GA. There will be other publications, better theories, better analysis. A zine is just a zine but the revolution is for keeps. Keep on kicking, and together we'll smash civilization yet!

Extracts from Green Anarchist number 38:

Diary of Animal Liberation


Channel Islands: Jersey - Activist climbs on top of Jersey Zoo visitors centre, covers the roof in petrol and sets it alight. 332, 000 damage. A few days later the same activist throws a smokebomb inside the artificial insemination Centre at Howard Davis farm. 6000 damage.

Lewes - Kitten liberated from Fur, Feather 'n' Fins exotic pet store.

New Zealand: Christchurch - ALF spraypaint Cancer Society HQ one week before their Daffodil Day. On Daffodil Day the HQ is hit again. The night before ALF target 8 branches of National Bank. 5 are spraypainted, 3 have locks glued. National Bank sponsors Daffodil Day. National Bank billboard redecorated with anti-vivisection slogans


Australia: Victoria - 12 sick hens rescued from Happy Hens Egg World by Animal Liberation Investigation Unit.

Germany: Koppen - Autonomous Animal Protectors destroy six hunting platforms.

Germany: Bad Soden - Hunting platforms trashed on Earth Night destroyed again!

Germany:Offenback - Autonomous Liberation Front glue and etch several fur and butchers shops.

Hampshire - ALF torch two barns at Hursley and hambleton hunt kennels. The hunt's cheese and wine party is also evacuated after a bomb threat.

Hampshire - Justice Department leave hoax bombs at Hursley and Hambleton kennels and pub.

Hampshire - Justice Department: Anti Cartmell/Dowsett Campaign incendiaries destroy APT owner David Walker's and Wickham Labs manager Paddy Edwards' cars.

Stoneaton: Whitechurch farm - Tom Osbourne of Mendip Farmers Hunt Club hospitalised after being hit with a spiked club and acid sprayed in face. Elsewhere nine Hunt Retribution Squad activists trash the 8th Earl of Yarborough's Merc as he was driving to a hunt meet.

Sweden: Umea - K1,000,000 damage as three meat trucks torched.


East Sussex - Justice Department post mousetrap-based booby traps to Shamrock Farm employees L Ford and T Welburn. Razor in envelope sent to Shamrock vet Paul West.

Finland: Kuopio - University vivisection lab spraypainted.

Germany: Hamburg - Autonomous Animal Protectors attack hunting organisation offices and vehicle with stinkbombs and slash tyres.

Hampshire - Justice Department post mousetrap-based booby traps to Bucks Head (Hunt pub), hunter/poulterer P Humphreys, hunter D Hunt, Wickham Lab's C Bishop, Simon Day of Torsby Farms, P Phillips Froxfield Farms vivisection breeder, and K Coker hunter.

Extracts from Green Anarchist number 40:

Technocracy is Tyranny: You may look to your lifestyles of convenience and luxury when technology is questioned, but don't forget techno-industrial civilization is only possible because of intense division of labour and pillaging of global resources. Our everyday lives are at the mercy of unaccountable experts and systems beyond our control - if technology is not questioned, they will determine our future instead of us. It's not about replacing one set of experts with another either - tyranny is inherent in the logic of the techno-industrial society. It must be destroyed if Anarchy is to live!

Disclaimer; This zine and all items sold through GA Mail Order are produced for entertainment purposes only. No material in it is intended to incite any action liable to lead to criminal or civil charges. Can't you take a joke?

Following the sentencing of three volunteer editors from Green Anarchist magazine to three year prison terms, and with further trials in the offing, Index on Censorship is using its website to publicise an attack on free speech which has recieved alarmingly little media attention. Neither professional journalists organisations, nor the majority of organisations dedicated to free expression and the defence of civil liberties have chosen to take up the case.

In the interests of free expression we at Index have decided to reproduce selected items from Green Anarchist, including some cited against the defendants in court, on account of which they were found guilty of 'conspiracy to incite persons unknown to commit criminal damage'.

We do not endorse the threats of violence against individuals made by some of the groups GA gives a platform to. But there is nothing new in political agitators using violent and inflammatory language - it's hard to imagine a call to overthrow the state that didn't! Think of the writings of Tom Paine or William Blake, do we today look fondly on any court that jailed them?

But it is not the opinions of GA or its contributors, however violently expressed, that are the issue. What is at stake is the liberty of the press, large or small, to report freely on any subject they choose. Index frequently reports on the restraints that affect British journalism, most recently in our current issue (Index on Censorship 6/97, p36). However, with this investigation and trial the situation has worsened to a shocking degree - is it acceptable for sixty police officers to target one small newsletter? Why was MI5's role in this affair shielded in court by the use of Public Interest Immunity certificates, last used in the cover up of the Matrix Churchill scandal? Can it honestly be right to imprison people simply for what they have written?

Index believes that Green Anarchist is fulfilling the role a small independent newspaper should play, in reporting news that the mainstream misses and serving a special interest group. It also fits squarely into the long-established British tradition of dissent, a tradition that has frequently been held up to the world as a model of tolerance, and the mark of a mature, confident society.

If the day comes when the British press feel only able to tackle issues which won't inflame, won't enrage, won't draw cries of anger and shock from the establishment, then on that day dissent is dead. And with it dies freedom.